Sako S20 Hunter 30-06

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Adjustable Rifle Stock – The Sako S20 stock is highly adjustable and intended to always fit like a glove –
whether it’s your lifestyle, preferred shooting position, posture or hand size. A comfortable hold on your
rifle is the foundation for consistent accuracy.

Multi-Adjustable Trigger – Overall, the adjustable ergonomics are a big part of the Sako S20 design. This
applies to the trigger, too, as having a natural grip on the rifle is not just comfortable but also improves
accuracy. If your S20 doesn’t feel just right from the get-go, just finetune the trigger position to your liking.
Receiver With Integrated Picatinny Rail – When the Picatinny rail is machined directly to the steel surface
of the receiver (and not glued), the rifle structure is guaranteed to be rigid and strong. This is the best way
to attach optical sights that stay on regardless of weather conditions. The receiver itself is secured to the
frame by a sturdy three-point attachment system – much like in our TRG models.

Stainless Steel Bolt – The bolt is manufactured from high-grade, weather-resistant stainless steel, the
barrel shroud has a steel core, and the bolt handle is interchangeable. The locking lug surface area is
high, increasing safety and performance, and its design enables smooth, fast, safe and precise operation
of the bolt and the rifle.

Model: S20 Precision
Manufacturer: SAKO Ltd., FINLAND
Action Size: Right Hand, Short Action
Operation: Bolt Action
Bolt: Stainless Steel, Three-Lug
Caliber: 30-06
Rate of Twist: 11″
Overall Weight: 7.85 lbs
Overall Length: 41-1/2″
Barrel Length: 20″
Length of Pull: Adjustable with spacers
Barrel: Free Floating, Fluted, Cold Hammer Forged
Magazine: Detachable Magazine
Sights: Open
Stock: Aluminum Frame, Adjustable
Trigger Mechanism: Adjustable Trigger

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